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Hello guys! After the success of my last Kindle Fire giveaway, which 1500 of you entered, I thought it was only right that I hosted another to celebrate the release of my BRAND NEW 312 page gay romance novel, Timing! I decided to this giveaway as a HUGE thank you to all of you who have
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Timing – OUT NOW!

I’m so happy to announce that my NEW 312 page gay romance novel, Timing, is available to download now! Join Tom and Cole on their journey of self discovery, second chances and true love… Click here to grab your copy! Paperbacks will be coming very soon, as well as SIGNED paperbacks, which will be available
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Hey guys! Long time no speak! It feels like it’s been an age since my last release, but I’m back with a brand new full length gay romance novel for you all to enjoy! It’s so pleased to announce that my new book, Timing is coming April 26th and I can’t wait for you all to
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Shelter Audiobook! LISTEN To 5 Minute Sample!

If you follow me on Facebook (if not, WHY NOT?!?!), you’ll know that the Shelter audiobook has been in production for a couple of months. I am SO excited to announce that the audiobook has been finished and is currently sitting with Amazon for review! Because Amazon can take their time with that, I thought
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I Was Plagiarised

Plagiarism – The P-Word every author dreads! It’s the thing you hope never happens to you because if it does, it opens a whole can of legal worms that most of us will have no idea how to handle. You always think it’s one of those things that will happen to someone else, until it happens to
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Cabin Nights (Christmas Novella) – OUT NOW!

Christmas has come early! Well, a month early at least. Most of you will already be getting into that holiday mood and if you are (or even if you aren’t) Cabin Nights has landed just at the right time for you! It was so much fun to write my first ever Christmas novella and I
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A Gay Author’s Perspective on the M/M Genre

By now, you’ve probably all read this post by Anon, and if you haven’t, you’ve missed quite a shit storm. At the moment, there seems to be one controversy after another in the mm community, a community I have grown to feel very much a part of. I’ve been releasing books in mm since June 2014 so
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What Is My Creative Process? 10 Steps To Writing A Novel

Hey guys! New blog time! This week I’ll be tackling my ‘creative process‘ in hopes of trying to let you understand how I work a little better. If you don’t know who I am, my name is Ashley John and I am an author of gay romance novels (my latest novel, Shelter, is out now!). I’m
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The Boyfriend Tag (3 Year Anniversary Edition)

Hey guys! As promised, I’m back to regular blogging (yay!) and seeing as so many of you liked Reece and I’s What Is It Like Living With An Author post a couple of months back, I thought I’d bring him back! On October 28th, it’s our 3 year anniversary, so I thought there was no time like
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Shelter Paperbacks Now Available + Signed Copies

It’s taken longer than expected (unforeseen errors with the files and slow, slow, slow processing times) but the Shelter paperbacks are now on Amazon to purchase! If you want to grab your paperback copy of Shelter, click here and select the Paperback option on the Amazon sales page! I  have another slice of great news,
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I'm getting quite into this walking lark (and before anyone asks, no I'm not catching bloody Pokemon 😂) 🍃
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